Things I see at hospitals

This post is not going to be about an actual facility per se, well, kind of. I am not going to go over what it gets done in there. Instead, it is going to be about a situation I came across a few weeks ago.

I was working my regular night shift at Lutheran Hospital and a patient came in through the ER, which by the way is not even my area. But I was chatting with a few nurse colleagues when I saw this lady asking for help over the counter. She said she was having a panic attack. She look a bit agitated, at first, I am going to be honest, we thought she was over the influence of some kind of drug.

nurse on duty

We thought we knew she was just a regular junkie trying to get admitted into the emergency room, so a doctor could medicated her and give her what she was looking for, more drugs. But after taking her vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and all protocol, we found out it was not the case.

She even spoke with the charge nurse and doctor and they came to conclusion it wasn’t a lady looking for a way of getting easy medications. In fact, we found out she got that way by consuming something I was also taking at the moment. I am talking about a weight loss product. She got that way because she took too many garcinia cambogia pills in a short period of time.

She thought that way she was going to be able to loose weight quicker.

The point of my story is, how dangerous can it be to take weight loss pills in a non-smart way. She could have been in lots more of trouble if she hadn’t come to the hospital for treatment. The fact I was on garcinia cambogia as well, helped the doctor to diagnose what the problem could possible have been. Because not only I was a nurse, but also because I read the instructions properly.

Be careful with everything you take when it comes to loosing weight. If you have any doubts. always check with your physician or family doctor first. If you want more information about garcinia cambogia check out

Working in a hospital environment

MY passion for working in  a hospital-like environment dates back all the way to my grandmother. She was one of the few women allowed to participate in WW2. And as you can imagine, her duties were as a nurse with the soldiers.

Nurse during her shiftThen my mother inherited the same passion and she decided to study nursing as well. She worked for several years, ever since I have memory, in the local community hospital. She used to work in the night shift. It wasn’t easy but the managed to raise the 3 of us.

She would get ready to work, put us into bed, prepare breakfast and lunch for the following day, and then she would go to work. She was a real hero for me, she still is, I am very lucky I still have her.

My own path to get into nursing school

Then it was my turn to follow those two great women. With those great examples in life, I was also leaning towards a career in nursing.

I actually didn’t go straight to college for my degree. After graduating high school, I decided to take a break because I felt I was having lots of problems. So I only wanted to be away from school, but I also needed to do something about my life. That’s why I decided to work as a CNA in a hospital not too far away from my mom’s house. It was still similar to what I wanted to do, but at least I didn’t have to deal with getting a four year degree.

Becoming a CNA

The process to become a nursing assistant is relatively easy. All they ask is to have finished high school, or at least pass the GED exam. They might also require to perform a few background and criminal checks, but nothing too difficult.

If you have the time, you can be working very quick, in about one month I was already getting a pay check as a CNA.

You are not actually a nurse, but at least you get the basic understanding of what it takes to be in nursing. You are basically an assistant for tall those people that cannot go by themselves throughout their lives. Either because they are old or because they are very sick.

The hourly salary for a CNA is not that great.Your wages start around $8 dollars, depending where you live. But at least gives you something to buy basic stuff, and food of course.

After a couple of years working at that hospital, and with my life back on track, I went back to college and finished my nursing career. I was the best thing ever happened to me. I now work as a registered nurse and I make more money than I ever imagine. I have a great life. Not that I am bragging about it. I just want to share that it is very doable to work in this industry, make money and be very happy.

I will talk to you later on the next post, where we will cover more Lutheran hospitals that you can attend in case you need them

Bluffton Regional Hospital in Indiana

Choosing hospitals within the network is basically a mater of picking up the phone. Since the quality of them is top notch, you can rest assured you will be making a smart decision.

Hospital in IndianaThese healthcare provider are compassionate, innovative and always with a full commitment to excellent patient experience. All of the hospitals are reign by the standard of high values, education, respect, and professionalism.

Whatever region you live in, you are in good hands.

Today’s featured hospital is Bluffton Regional Medical Center

Serving families and citizens of Wells County in the state of Indiana, this healthcare center is a top option in the area. It features great facilities with the newest technological equipment in order to treat everything you can imagine. A good way of describing this hospital would be a high star rating that you would usually find a larger cities, but in this instance, you can find it in small towns as well.  Who said smaller cities cannot have quality?

Some of the services this hospital offer include:

Women's health

A great Women’s Center

The first thing you can count on in this hospital will be a high quality labor and delivery unit. A team of doctors and nurses are dedicated to making sure your baby is grown and born as healthy as possible. You can be assured your baby will be in good hands.

Diagnostic Imaging

Nowadays, healthcare institutions must have the newest equipment in order to compete. At Bluffton Regional Medical Center doctors will be able to take digital imaging from you. Digital mammographies, MRIs, nuclear medicine, ultrasounds and CT scanning, are amongst the services you can get done in the facility.

Wound Care

There are no procedures to small or too large to be treated in here. Pressure sores, trauma or circulatory wounds, diabetic ulcers, gangrene, or any other type of chronic instances, will be taken care of without a problem in the emergency room. A team of at least 3 nurses and one doctor are always available 24/7 in case you need the ER.

Health Connection

If you visit regularly your physician you will be able to stay healthy for a longer period without having to wait until you get sick. The hospital takes most type of insurances providers and accept any kind of payments including credit cards and cash of course.

So now you know, if you need good quality hospital care, this one in the Indiana region is one of your best options.